Saturday, June 11, 2011

"O'Boyled" Meaning

Wondering where I came up with the name O'Boyled Books?

I did extensive research before I set out to start a book review blog. The reoccurring advice was to find a name that is uniquely yours, that has a story, and that you would not be embarrassed to have on a business card later. I spent a lot of time throwing names around with friends, but nothing seemed to work. Needless to say I let that be a deterrence for me to "officially start." I walked away from the book blog idea and my life went on as it had before.

Then one day my friend, Drew, was joking about the fact that in so many days I would no longer be Palmer (my last name), but would be "O'Boyled" (O'Boyle new last name). The cartoon like lightbulb went off above my head and if you were there you could see the beginnings of the ideas starting to form in my eyes. From that moment I knew that I would be O'Boyled Books. Even now Drew likes to ask if I am still enjoying being "O'Boyled." I am in case you are wondering. So, thank you to Drew for helping me find a name that is uniquely mine, that has a story, and that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have on a business card.

This blog would not be possible if it were not for my wonderful husband who helped me become O'Boyled and always believed that one day I would follow my dreams to write. I also would like to thank my family for adding endless opportunities to escape in books and my niece (little monster) for reminding me that creativity is a blessing even if it means you ask too many questions.

I hope you who are reading this know that I am learning as I go. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is my start line.

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  1. Hey! New Follower.
    My blog is only a few months old and i've just reached 100 followers (ok ALMOST). I love the layout and good name! It took me soooo long to think if a name.
    I hope you keep it up, blogging is a lot of fun and you meet some lovely people. Look at the blog list on my blog for some really fun and interesting blogs to follow!

    Good Luck (and thanks for entering my giveaway!)