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(I'm the one in the jean dress).
I was born in the Spring of '86 to my two wonderful parents, who are still married.  Not long after that I was fighting for attention when my sister joined the picture a year and five days later, then two years later it was a full house when my brother came along.  This was not conducive to my dreams of being the center of attention. So, I am now going to live that dream by telling you all "About Me."

I started to love books before I was even born.  Crazy right, how does that happen? My parents would put headphones on my mom's stomach and play The Bible on audiobook.  I had already "read" a book before I came out.  Had my parents known that this would lead to me saying my first word at 3 months, phrases by 6 months, and reading some of my own one year old birthday cards they might have rethought that plan.  My dad says that sometimes he wished I would forget how to talk because he couldn't get me to stop (he still can't).  Needless to say, when I became too chatty they would give me a book.  I fell in love with reading.  Every day was a new adventure, a new word learned and new places that I just had to go some day.

We were married June 11, 2011
(Photo Taken By: Rachel Barker)
Fast-forward to the high school and college years: sports, working and a social life took over.  Reading was no longer about enjoyment, but meeting grade expectations that would one day shape my entire life.  Besides school, I had met the man of my dreams at eighteen.  -->Insert love story here.<--  He made it through law school the first three years we were together, then took a job that would require him to travel around the United States and I followed.  My mom says she knew I was going places, but she never knew how many.  Over the last four years we have lived in over 7 states and there is always the possibility to add more to the list.

During our travels I fell in love with reading again.  Which author gave me my passion for books back? Richelle Mead! I picked up Succubus Blues in January of 2009.  You know how you can just connect with a book and you feel as if it has taken you back to your childhood love of books.  That was it! I made plans that one day I would be a part of the book world, whether I become a writer, a book reading junkie or as modern technology has allowed a book reviewer.  So here I am today, writing to you!

Enjoy the blog, it is a labor of love.


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