Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Books and New Book Clubs

I know a week is a long time between posts, but I do have a GREAT excuse. As some of you know I am new to Texas so my built-in network of family and friends went poof when we moved out here. I became very good at the mass email to tell all my friends where I am at and what I am up to, but at some point you just need to go out and enjoy time with friends in person. This process is not as easy as it was when we were kids and your parents planned play dates or you were thrown into a classroom where you found a friend or were considered the loner.

I did what the normal modern day person would do and I Googled. I typed in all sorts of things that I liked to do and tried to find other people in the area that enjoyed doing those things too. The result was very rewarding because I not only found one club to join, but three.

Book Club #1: DFW Tea Readers

Here is a little information about the club from their website:

A book club for romance, mystery, science fiction/fantasy readers and authors in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We do a monthly tea at a tearoom around the metroplex, alternating east and west sides, as well as trips to Denton and Duncanville, plus our fabulous Holiday Tea. If you read and love to discuss your books and authors, this is a great group with lively on-line discussion as well as the opportunity to meet in person.

The book club meets on the first Tuesday for dinner and author call-in in Fort Worth, the second Saturday of each month for tea and on the third Wednesday for dinner and an author call-in. Members also attend many signings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. New and returning members are always welcome!


I went to their July third Wednesday meeting. The dinner theme was BBQ so I signed up to bring my mom's one and only passed down dish - Potato Salad. I was completely nervous to meet these women and even called my dad before hand for last minute support. The women were immediately welcoming and I had nothing to fear. Jade Lee was the call-in author. I met her latest year at Readers N' Ritas and she is still quick witted and hilarious. While I am still working on remembering all the ladies names, I do want to thank all of them for their making me feel at home. I cannot wait to learn more about each of you.

For more information about Jade Lee check out her website

Goodies Received:
  1. The Dragon Earl by Jade Lee
  2. Dragonborn by Jade Lee
  3. Dragonbound by Jade Lee
  4. Buffalo West Wing by Julie Hyzy
  5. Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins

Book Club #2: Books That Bite

Here is a little information about the club from their website:

We are fans of paranormal fiction and romance who gather twice a month at the Firewheel Barnes & Noble!!! We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm!! We're a crazy bunch, and we have tons of fun.


I was a little less nervous about this one because I knew at least one person, the lovely Jaime Zalinski. This group definitely lives up to their description. Within the first few minutes we were all discussing the latest True Blood episode and the intricacies of a long existing prank dispute between one of the ladies and their brother-in-law, which had me laughing long afterwards. The book they were discussing was Spells, Slots, Sirens An Anthology by Heather Long, Lisa Pietsch, and K. F. Zuzulo.

Just like DFW Tea Readers the group was a mix of welcoming people who were excited to have new members. Unfortunately, I had not read the book they were discussing so I did not have much to add other than nods, but that did not stop me from enjoying the group. Although, it was a little embarrassing not having much to add since two of the authors, Heather Long and Lisa Pietsch, were there. I cannot wait to go back on August 9th.

Goodies Received:
  1. Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank
  2. Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Book Club #3: Stonebriar Book Club

This one actually starts August 1st and is so new that I will have to tell you more about it later. Started by one of my favorite bloggers, Felicia. If you have not read her blog you should check it out at If she is involved in the planning of this book club, then you know it is going to be great. I love that I will be with this one from the start.

So, that is what I have been up to lately. I now know more people in Texas than I have since I moved here and I cannot wait to meet more wonderful book loving people.


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